Anti-aging and clues to a long, healthy life

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Anti-Aging by Anti-AGE-ing

Advanced glycogen end-products (AGEs) are sometimes the product of your body’s normal metabolic process. But more often than not, they are in our system due to dietary choices. Cooking methodology creates AGEs in food products. Foods cooked at high temperatures without water… frying, roasting, grilling… causes AGEs. Sugars in the food bind to the fats or… Continue Reading

The Effects of AGE-ing

As discussed in yesterday’s post, Diet of the Modern AGEs, advanced glycogen end-products (AGEs) are a significant contributor to the aging process. The sugar-rich western diet is the perfect storm for the creation of AGEs, particularly with the prevalence of food stuff containing high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)… yes, that means all you soda drinkers!… Continue Reading