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Time for a Bungalow

Time to sell the house, Martha. These stairs are going to be the death of me!”

“Can I get some help standing up here?”

Time for a Bungalow
Time for a Bungalow

No one ever wants to say these. But too many do.

How can something that we spend most of our lives taking for granted… doing with no thought like climbing stairs, standing up, walking to the corner store… all of a sudden become the biggest obstacle of the day?

A main reason for most is a lack of strength. Leg strength particularly. No truer words were spoken than, “Use it or lose it.”

Strength Training

The best way to increase and maintain leg strength is through strength training. WALKING ALONE DOESN’T CUT IT!

Leg Strength  Training
Leg Strength Training

Consistent, simple bodyweight exercises can guarantee stair climbing prowess right into your later years. Squats and lunges are your two staple exercises. In addition to increasing leg strength, they will also:

  • Increase bone density
  • Prevent age-related muscle loss (sacropenia)
  • Increase stability and balance (lessening the chance of falling in later years)

If you already have good leg strength, squat and lunge away. Use weights if you can handle it.

If your leg strength is lacking, start with your own body weight and a limited range of motion. Increase the range as your strength and flexibility increase.

You will likely feel soreness in your legs over the following couple of days post-workout for the first month or two of doing this two times a week. Don’t worry… this is normal as your body works to repair and rebuild torn muscle fibre.

Commit to ensuring you have strong legs well into your later years. You won’t realise just how critical this is until you or someone you care deeply about is challenged with mobility.

Do this and bunglow shopping won’t be on your ‘to do’ list in your future.