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NPK: Nutritionally Poor Krops

Once upon a time in a land not far away, crops grew full of nutrition. Farmers practiced crop rotation, let fields go fallow, and fertilised with manure. On the heels of two World Wars, chemical companies needed to find a market for nitrates used in the manufacturing of munitions. Scientists jumped on the project and… Continue Reading

This Week’s Scary News Report

Two items hit the news this week that confirm, more than ever, you need to watch out for your own health. No one else will take responsibility watching over it… it’s all up to you. U.S. Senator to Introduce Supplement Bill Senator Dick Durbin… let’s call him DD… he of the great state of Illinois…… Continue Reading

Things that make you go hmmm

Healthcare worker standing outside smoking “Colgate contains sodium fluoride which is, in our opinion, is an effective decay preventative agent and is of significant value when used in a conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care.” (Canadian Dental Association) Keep out of the reach of children under 6 years of age. If more… Continue Reading