Anti-aging and clues to a long, healthy life

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Anti-Aging Outgunned

It’s a bloody tough job maintaining optimal health today. While there is more information available than ever before on any subject… including anti-aging, it has never been more difficult to practice anti-aging than it is today.

Anti-Aging Outgunned
Anti-Aging Outgunned

Think about it. We’re surrounded by an environment full of toxic chemicals. Our bodies are inundated daily with EMF’s from wireless internet and cell phone signals. A good chunk of our food supply wouldn’t even be recognised as food by people from three generations ago. People are far more sedentary than ever… and the up-and-coming generations are even worse!

Governments and healthcare agencies treat symptoms, not causes.

Misinformation keeps you guessing. Zero calories. All natural. Vitamin E is good. Vitamin E is bad. Make no mistake about it… the global food and pharmaceutical giants conspire against you and your health in the pursuit of money.

Promises made a generation ago that the technology of the future would make for a better quality of life with more leisure time, no paper, and everything happening at the click of a button haven’t happened. Instead, the bar has been raised and more work has been left to be done by fewer people. The result… more stress.

We’ve become obsessed with the quick fix. Lose ten pounds in a week. Four inches gone for next month’s beach season. The Four-Minute Workout.

What does is the outgunned anti-ager to do?

Educate Yourself. Learn about anti-aging from trusted source, then take responsibility for you own future.

Acquire Good Habits. More often than not, there is no shortcut. Search for and ingrain habits that serve you. Ditch the ones that don’t.

Focus. Don’t take your eye off the anti-aging prize. Is it really worth ditching that workout to watch the season finale of Jersey Shores? Filter the distractions.

And probably the biggest on of all… Know Your Purpose. Why is it important that you live a long, healthy life? What gets you out of bed every day? What will get you out of bed thirty years from now? Figure this out and you are away to the races!

EMFs: A Silent Danger in Your Home

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