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This Week’s Scary News Report

Two items hit the news this week that confirm, more than ever, you need to watch out for your own health. No one else will take responsibility watching over it… it’s all up to you.

U.S. Senator to Introduce Supplement Bill

Senator Dick Durbin… let’s call him DD… he of the great state of Illinois… is preparing to introduce a bill to the Senate that will affect your access to nutritional supplements. Funny how I mentioned this very thing not three days ago in a post.

DD first attempted to sneak with through the Senate by piggybacking it onto another bill in May 2012. He was caught and it was defeated.

Now he is actively having another go at it… saving all Americans from themselves and their consumption of hazardous nutritional supplements.

This is despite the fact that there were absolutely NO deaths from nutritional supplements in 2010. Contrast that with U.S. “poison control centres reporting 100,000 calls, 56,000 emergency room visits, 2,600 hospitalizations and nearly 500 deaths each year from acetaminophen (Tylenol) alone.” (Dr. Mercola).

Understand that your health and your rights to choice are under serious attack.

Japan Bans U.S. Wheat Imports

Japan Bans U.S. Wheat
Japan Bans U.S. Wheat

First Japan and now South Korea have boycotted the import of U.S.-grown wheat. These are two significant customers to U.S. farmers.

Why? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported two weeks ago that U.S. wheat crops in Oregon have been contaminated by Monsanto’s experimental GM wheat. Don’t forget, wheat is the last major crop not available as a GMO seed yet.

That’s right. Unbeknownst to neighbouring farmers, Monsanto has been growing its experimental GMO wheat crops with total disregard for the implications of contamination… something GMO opponents have warned about for years.

Now farmers have lost a significant market for their crops which will most certainly impact prices they will get on the open market. Law suits against Monsanto have already started.

The war on your health continues on these fronts and many more. Keep informed and know how all of this scary stuff affects you and your family.

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