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Anti-Aging and 3 Common Foods to Avoid

No one said the road to anti-aging would be easy. Many want a lean body, to avoid disease, and to achieve optimal health. It’s within virtually everyone’s reach… within your reach. But are you prepared to make the changes to attain it?

Below are three foods that plum aren’t good for you. They cause inflammation, oxidated stress, and glycation. They age your body. While you don’t need to banish them from your diet completely, you will certainly benefit from a significant reduction in their consumption.

Anti-Aging and Sugar
Anti-Aging and Sugar


This is the obvious one. Yet consumption across North America is still sky high. Virtually any low or no fat product will contain loads of sugar. Sugar is the primary ingredient of many a processed food.

What does it do to you? It messes with your blood sugar levels. It activates the production of insulin in your body. It puts you on the high glycemic rollercoaster. It leads to weight gain [insulin is your fat storage hormone]. It is a primary cause of insulin resistance and type II diabetes.


Especially corn-based foods. You’ve heard about the evils of high fructose corn syrup [HFCS]. It has the same effect on your body as sugar. But often worse. Most corn-based products are chocked full of aged-related glycation end-products [AGEs].  They contain far too much omega-6 fatty acids. And thanks to scientific advancement, they are likely produced from GM crops.

Vegetable Oils

This one may surprise you. The marketing wizards of the food industry have been selling us a bill of goods on these for years. They tout the health benefits of canola, corn, soybean, and other vegetable oils. The trouble is these oils are highly refined, have been subjected to high heat levels in the manufacturing process, and are highly oxidised.

They are inflammation-producing in your body… you don’t want that. And again, many are derived from GMO crops. You are much better off using olive oil, coconut oil, and organic butter.

All three of these foods are prevalent in our Standard American Diet (SAD). It’s tough to eat around them. But like I said in the beginning, no one said that an anti-aging lifestyle is an easy one.

Don’t Mess With Your Mind

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