Anti-aging and clues to a long, healthy life

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Anti-Aging Outgunned

It’s a bloody tough job maintaining optimal health today. While there is more information available than ever before on any subject… including anti-aging, it has never been more difficult to practice anti-aging than it is today. Think about it. We’re surrounded by an environment full of toxic chemicals. Our bodies are inundated daily with EMF’s… Continue Reading

Easier Said Than Done

Often we know the right things to do when it comes to our health. Eat nutritious foods. Get lean. Avoid too much stress. But many times, doing the right thing isn’t so easy. There’s a thing called ‘habit’ that gets in the way. These habits have been developed over time… many of them since childhood.… Continue Reading

The Self-Made Man

Most humans are born healthy, free of disease. No one sets out on the journey through life with designs on losing his or her health. On becoming obese. On spending the last half of life in a wheel chair. On dying prematurely. But these things are happening more and more today. Despite all the scientific… Continue Reading