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More Brainwashing Courtesy of the Experts

It really is non-stop. No matter where you turn, there are government agency buffoons doing their best to dump their ignorance on the general public.

Our local Leisure Guide was distributed around the city today. It lists the public recreational and leisure activities available to the citizens of our fair city over the upcoming months. Due to its mass distribution, it is read by an extensive audience.


Near the front of the Guide is an ad placed by Health Canada and its Canada’s Food Guide branch. Titled, “Supplements. Are they right for you?”, it is authored by no less authorities than a Human Nutritional Sciences Student and a Public Health Dietician.

Here is their sagely advice to the readership:

“While those who are pregnant, elderly, or living with a chronic disease may need supplements, most Canadians are capable of meeting daily recommendations from food alone.”

I don’t have enough time or room in this post to respond to this idiotic statement. But briefly, the daily recommendations referenced here (the RDA’s, or Ridiculous Dietary Allowances) are woefully short of your daily nutritional requirements… so if you can meet those, big deal. You need optimal levels to guard against chronic degenerative disease. Oh, sorry, I forgot… you should only take them once you get a disease (see quote). Heaven forbid you try prevention.

“If you are still considering supplements remember that you can have too much of a good thing: many vitamins can be harmful in large doses.”

Really, experts? Other than vitamin A (in massive dosages), what vitamins are harmful? Toxicity thresholds for most vitamins, most being water soluble, are quantities far beyond what any human would consume. The RDA for vitamin C is 60mg. I personally have taken in excess of 10 grams a day without even as much as digestive upset. If you want to talk harmful, let’s chat about pharmaceuticals. But don’t scare people about vitamin toxicity.

“Talk to a doctor or dietician if you are considering supplements.”

Because doctors have so much training in nutrition? Any doctor I know will tell you they don’t receive anything but the very basics in education on nutrition. A few hours at most. And dieticians? Any expert on nutrition and the human body knows supplementation in this toxic, nutritionally-depleted world we live in today is essential. To make the claims made here is irresponsible and reckless.

Mad? You bet.

Mad that the public needs to be fed this crap by the very institutions that should have your best interest at heart. Mad about the spreading of misinformation about something every man, woman, and child should incorporate into their daily lives.

And the brainwashing continues.

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