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What on Earth is Earthing?

It’s summer now in the northern hemisphere… and an opportunity for everyone to take advantage of what just may be the most surprising health-benefitting activity. And it’s free. Earthing.

Perhaps the most accepted theory of aging is that of oxidation and free radical damage. Free radicals are atoms or molecules missing an electron in their outer shell. These aggressive particles attack good cells of the body in an attempt to steal their electrons to make themselves whole.

This is where anti-oxidants come into play. They have spare electrons and neutralise free radicals by donating these electrons.

And this is how earthing works.

The theory is that the earth is chock full of free-flowing electrons… similar to anti-oxidants. Direct contact with the earth allows our bodies to absorb these electrons and reap the health benefits of doing so.

The best way of doing this? Walking barefoot outdoors. On the grass. Wet grass is even better. On the beach. Anything that brings your skin in direct contact with the earth brings you the benefits of earthing.


According to biologist James Oschman, “It’s a natural method that has been available for years. Reconnecting to the Earth could be the most important health technology ever.” Earthing can reduce inflammation that can lead to chronic diseases, ease pain and prevent tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, Oschman claims.

While there are no clinical trials to support earthing, the anecdotal evidence is piling up as more people embrace the movement. In our fast-paced society, taking a walk barefoot through the park doesn’t happen as it did a generation or two ago.

So why not try earthing on for size this summer. Indulge your body with a daily dosage of electrons and see if it doesn’t energise you. If nothing else, the joy of fresh air and connecting with planet Earth will make your day a bit more pleasant.