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Doctors and Anti-Aging

Doctors take a lot of heat from the ‘natural crowd’. Pill pushers. Too quick with a scalpel. Treat the symptom not the problem.

I have to admit I have often thought these things myself. And I do think there is an element of the medical community that deserves this reputation.


Most physicians receive little to no education in nutrition or natural healing. Other than the obvious advice to lose some weight, quit smoking, and get some exercise, many doctors don’t get too much into the prevention side of things.

Does this mean doctors shouldn’t be part of the anti-ager’s arsenal for pursuing longevity?

I think not.

Take me for example. I have the good fortune of having an awesome family physician. My wife and kids love him. He is thorough, patient, open-minded, and a great listener. My last annual physical with him was thirty un-rushed minutes of conversation, hearing out my concerns, asking me great questions, and discussing the results of various tests.

I want him on my anti-aging team for many years to come.

Consider what a typical physician needs to do today just to keep pace with an ever-changing field of medicine. Staying current with the latest in medications, surgical techniques, stains of viruses. Reading journals, attending seminars, continuing education… on top of a patient load and a crazy work life.

All this leaves no time to learn the vast information in the world of natural healing and nutrition.

This is where you come in

You need to take responsibility for your own health. Educate yourself about longevity. Find trusted sources for anti-aging advice. Start developing good habits.

It’s your life. Step up and own it.

A dear friend of mine, a well-known surgeon, was shocked when he saw the scientific literature on the power of nutritional supplements. What he read shifted his mind-set to allow him to use nutritional products to help wean him off a seven-year use of statin drugs to control his cholesterol.

Now he walks on both sides of the street: western medicine and natural healing and prevention. He’s now proactive with his health… like all of us should be.