Anti-aging and clues to a long, healthy life

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Anti-Aging: Wear Gloves

Readers of these posts will recognise MEANS, my acronym for the keys to anti-aging: M            Mind-set E              Exercise A             Avoidance N             Nutrition S              Supplementation Sometimes incorporating strategies to promote anti-aging is simple and inexpensive. Like this avoidance tip: wear gloves. We know it from nicotine… Continue Reading

Avoidance: The Unfortunate Reality

In this day and age, the anti-ager has no choice but to become a practitioner of avoidance. We live in a toxic cradle. We are constantly exposed to chemicals… over 75,000 introduced into the environment in the past 60 years. Over time, these toxins take their toll on your body and mine. Avoidance is the… Continue Reading

The Clean and Dirty on Produce

Logic dictates that pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals used in farming today aren’t good for you. That’s why organic is such a good choice. But organic is not always a viable option. More often than not, that leaves you at the mercy of the supermarket produce section and the chemicals used by their supplying farms.… Continue Reading