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Cancer Prevention by Self-Mutilation

I have spent the past 24 hours thinking about and reconsidering yesterday’s post. And I don’t like all that I wrote. I just can’t let go of the thought that a perfectly healthy person decided to lop off a part of her body because she might get cancer in the future. This is now being… Continue Reading

Prostate Cancer and Lifestyle: A True Story

Recently I came across a letter to the editor in our local newspaper I had to admire. We can all learn from this mind-set when confronted with the adversity of disease. “Thirteen years ago, when I was 60, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. With surgery I had the risk of becoming impotent and incontinent.… Continue Reading

Random Chat with Cancer Doctor

As mentioned in an earlier article, I was diagnosed with leukemia last month. Not any ordinary leukemia, but a very rare one…hairy cell leukemia (HCL). Today was appointment day with my hematologist. Not just any hematologist…one of a handful of HCL experts in the world that I’m lucky enough to have living in my city. While… Continue Reading