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Anti-Aging and Neurological Disease

We looked at neurological disease yesterday and the two root causes: inflammation and excitotoxicity.

Like so many health issues faced today, much of what you can do to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS comes down to choices.

Avoiding Neurological Disease
Avoiding Neurological Disease

The choices you make every day… your habits… are what increase or decrease the odds of avoiding neurological disease.

Remember, prevention is these key here. These are degenerative conditions… diseases that manifest over long periods of time. Dealing with neurological disease once it has set in never has a happy ending. In fact, from the Alzheimer’s Association website, it lays out the stark facts:

“On average, the five approved Alzheimer’s drugs are effective for about six to 12 months for about half of the individuals who take them.”

Inflammation and excitotoxicity both produce significant amounts of free radicals. These free radicals inflict their damage at the cellular level that, over time, destroy sections of the body… in this case, the brain.

Tactics for Avoiding Neurological Disease

Eat as much unprocessed and organic food as possible. The pesticides, additives, and chemicals in much of today’s food and water supply create an abundance of free radicals.

Avoid known excitotoxins. Artificial sweeteners are deadly. Aspartame and Splenda are to be avoided at all costs. MSG and its many disguised names is equally toxic.

Significantly reduce the consumption of omega-6 fatty acids. Most of this comes from vegetable-based oils (safflower, canola, corn) and is used extensively in processed foods, but also in most family kitchens. Toss them all and use olive and coconut oils.

Increase the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids. Sardines, salmon, flax seeds, and walnuts are some of the best sources of this important nutrient. A daily spoonful of cod liver oil, flax seed oil, or a fish oil capsule will only help!

Increase the intake of anti-oxidants in your diet. By definition, anti-oxidants counteract the effects of oxidising free radicals. In today’s toxic world, you need to ingest a significant amount of anti-oxidants. Foods alone will NOT get you enough. Some of the key anti-oxidants for brain health include vitamin D, glutathione, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Avoid heavy metals. Lead, cadmium, aluminium, fluoride, and especially mercury need to be avoided. Drink pure water. Have your silver amalgams (dental fillings) removed by a dentist using proper protocols. Toss your Crest and Colgate toothpastes and use only fluoride-free products. Don’t cook using aluminium or Teflon pots and pans. Never use antiperspirants as most use aluminium as the active ingredient.

Having witnessed the withering of a human mind of a loved one first hand, it is something you wouldn’t wish on anyone. You certainly don’t want to leave this world without a recollection of your final years. Life is precious and you want to experience every moment.

Taking the steps above is a small price to pay for increased odds of living a vibrant, healthy life.