Anti-aging and clues to a long, healthy life

Longevity: The Ripe Old Age of 116

An article by the Associated Press caught my eye yesterday… a story about 116 year-old Emma Morano. She is the world’s oldest person and the only known person alive today born in the 1800s! 116 years old! She still lives alone in Verbania, a small northern Italian mountain town overlooking Lago Maggiore. She has a… Continue Reading

Aging Gracefully

Sitting on my balcony in downtown Denmark, WA, I watched a man cross the street. I would guess he was in his late sixties. He slowly shuffled, struggling to step up on the median curb. After gaining his balance, he stepped off the median curb and needed five or six small shuttle-steps to gain his… Continue Reading

Sugar: The Scourge of Nations

America. The world’s largest economy and its wealthiest nation. Land of the free. Home of the obese. And Canada isn’t that far behind its southern cousins. Both countries with high standards of living, overfed and undernourished. But does economic status determine the health of a nation? I attended a conference a couple of weeks ago… Continue Reading