Anti-aging and clues to a long, healthy life

The MEANS to an End Lifestyle™


A means to an end:

Any action (a means) carried out for the sole purpose of achieving something (an end).


The interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of   an individual, group, or culture.


The ability to enjoy the many wonders of this thing called life with mobility, energy, and mental clarity, free of chronic disease into our later years, is a worthy ideal for most.

But many fear what are thought to be the inevitable symptoms of old age. Images of nursing home residents are seen as the natural progression.

“Live to 100? Wouldn’t want to!”

We all know of people who have defied the relentless marching of time. Jack LaLanne comes to mind. Betty White is another.

A logical question is, “why do some age gracefully while others ‘live too short and die too long’”?

Genetic predisposition definitely plays a role in how we age…but a much smaller one than most think.

Lifestyle…it’s your habits!

No one disputes that smoking increases the chance of premature death. The last time your heart rate was elevated was watching a re-run of Alien…not so good.

Having a piece of cheesecake a couple of times a month isn’t a big deal. But that daily two-a-day diet soda addiction just doesn’t cut it.

Your habits…the choices you make day in and day out…shape your life. Nowhere is that more evident than the effect they have on your long-term health.

Just what are the habits that can make or break your aging process? What are the means to a healthy end?

The MEANS to an End Lifestyle™

The five critical actions (‘means’) that can affect the quality of your life (your ‘end’), are:






You need to be mindful of each one. These MEANS are synergistic in nature, providing the host organism (that would be you) the best chance of achieving your desired end.

Adopting The MEANS to an End Lifestyle™ doesn’t require perfection. But incorporating positive aspects of each of these actions into your life as habits by which you live will pay quality dividends for years to come.