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The Scoop on Vitamin D

“If I had to choose a single nutrient that would help you ward off heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, dementia, influenza, bacterial infections, depression, insomnia, muscle weaknesses, fibromyalgia, osteomalacia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, and hypertension, it would be vitamin D” – Dr. Michael Holick As important as vitamin D is to your… Continue Reading

CoQ10: One Powerful Nutrient

There a many claims made about different nutrients being THE ONE… the secret ingredient to anti-aging. While I don’t believe anything will really ever fit that claim… your body is too complex to be miraculously saved by a single substance… Coenzyme Q10 is one powerful nutrient. Called CoQ10 for short, this amazing substance plays a huge… Continue Reading