Anti-aging and clues to a long, healthy life

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The Health of the Younger Generation

“Today, people live too long and die too short in pain and suffering.” While this is true today with the aging baby boomers, it will ring even truer with our younger generation. Certain aspects of public health have improved over the past 50 years: smoking has declined significantly and certain medications have reduced deaths due… Continue Reading

The Good Corporate Citizen

It always amazes me when certain large corporations cosy up to ‘good causes’ or align themselves with politically attractive partners, all for the optics of being ‘a good corporate citizen’. They look to capitalise on the law of association: If organisation A is perceived to be ‘worthy’ and partners with organisation B, then the law… Continue Reading

A Massive Problem: the Obesity Epidemic

Intellectually most people get it. They understand obesity significantly reduces the probability of living a long, healthy life. Obesity is an enemy of anti-aging. One person suffering with obesity is a problem for that person. He/she has a future that could include the onset of heart disease, stroke, some cancers, and type II diabetes… many… Continue Reading