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My Life Expectancy: Only Twenty Years Left?

I only have twenty years left to live. That’s it.

According to the most recent data, the life expectancy of an typical Canadian male is age 79. Given my next birthday, that gives me a whopping twenty years left on this planet.

It gets worse. The Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy (HALE) for a Canadian male is 71. That means I have only 12 more years of life to enjoy without any limiting disabilities or disease.

And worse yet! For a male born in 1958, my life expectancy was all of 68 years. That’s less than 10 years on the countdown clock!

Life Expectancy

Am I worried?


For as long as I can remember, I have always believed I would live to 100. In grade school, I believed this. Dying young has never crossed my mind. Even when I sat in an oncologist’s office four years ago waiting on a diagnosis the doctor said would almost certainly be a serious leukemia (he was wrong).

So why this cockiness about outliving the statistics? How can I possibly believe I will become a member of the exclusive centenarian club?

Lifestyle, for starters. I eat well. I have maintained virtually the same body weight and waist size since I was 18.

I exercise regularly and always have. Presently, I am immersed in a vigorous gymnastics program that is giving me more strength and mobility than I’ve ever had.

I am an avoider of most things ‘bad’. No meat in 36 years and counting. Never smoked. No soda. Rarely eat processed foods. Hardly any sugar. Drink good water.

I supplement my diet knowing I can’t get everything the cells of my body need through diet alone.

Most importantly, I believe in my pending membership in the centenarian club. With every fiber of my being, I am certain I will flip the life odometer into triple digits… and do it in good health and with a great quality of life.

But if I don’t, I’m sure going to be pissed!

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