Anti-aging and clues to a long, healthy life

Anti-Aging a Head Game?


Head Game
Head Game

e read about the importance of physical factors in the prevention of disease and to living a long life.

We need to eat well. We need to avoid all things toxic. Exercise is critical.

But could it be that our state of mind, our attitude, is the most important piece of the anti-aging puzzle?

Stress is exponentially on the rise in western society. The bad kind of stress. The kind that bombards our bodies with nasty hormones and internally-generated chemicals. How much of an impact does this have on our pursuit of a long, healthy life?

How do an unbalanced life, negative self-talk, fractured relationships affect our health?

I think they impact us significantly.

With my recent diagnosis of leukemia, I can’t but think the ‘head game’ just may be the reason I’ll likely live with this the rest of my life. For someone who has developed anti-aging habits over my entire adult life, the mental, spiritual side of things is something I really need to explore.

So keep on eating well. Learn and beware of the toxicity that surrounds us. Break a sweat many times a week. But do take the time to learn more about the critical role our ‘head game’ plays in our life.

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