Anti-aging and clues to a long, healthy life

Ideas and Strategies for Living a Long, Healthy Life

Today, we live too short and die too long.

The Anti-Aging Guy
Bill Marr: The Anti-Aging Guy

Think about what that really means. Most of us know someone who died prematurely… heart attack, aneurysm, cancer. We all have a friend or relative who lived into his/her 80’s or 90’s but suffered from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or ended up in a wheel chair or personal-care home.

Is it possible to live to a ripe old age, full of vitality, physically fit, mentally sharp, with a passion for life until we draw our last breath?

Absolutely! How?


One universal law is that wherever we are at today in any aspect of our lives…our relationships, our finances, our health…is the sum of every decision we have made up until now. The good news is we can make new decisions about our life starting today that can re-shape our future. We can acquire habits that better serve us to help create a better future in all areas of our life.

No one will ever invent or discover anything that will heal the human body better than our God-given immune system.

The human body is truly amazing. One hundred trillion cells. One hundred trillion invisible miracles. Think of all the activity going on inside our bodies 24/7, all the functions working on auto-pilot…breathing, pumping, detoxification, digestion, regeneration.

We need to honour our body…the only one we are ever given. Treat it with respect. Nourish it. Protect it. Move it. If we do all this, we significantly increase the odds we will live a longer, healthier life.

Why the Anti-Aging Guy?

As a baby boomer, I have spent most of my adult life with a real passion for beating the aging clock. I have read hundreds of books and articles on health and aging. I have attended seminars with experts from all over the world, from Balz Frei, Ph.D. (Director and Endowed Chair, Linus Pauling Institute), Dr. Libby Weaver from New Zealand, to Dr. Oz himself, speaking about longevity and the habits of good health. I have had in-depth conversations about the science of aging and the human body with doctors of nutrition, microbiology, immunology, chemistry.

From all this, in addition to my own personal experiences, I have learned many of the habits that can lead to a longer, healthier life. Hence, The Anti-Aging Guy.

My purpose is to educate people that we can live a long life complete with great health and vibrancy. will share clues to habits that help promote anti-aging. Topics like:

  • What role does your mind play in the aging process?
  • Is exercise really that important?
  • Why is avoidance critical in today’s toxic world?
  • Do food choices matter?
  • Supplementing… is it really necessary?

Join me on this lifelong journey. I guarantee it’s worth the trip!

Bio of Bill Marr, the Anti-Aging Guy

I’m not sure exactly where it came from, but I have always been interested in health. Growing up in the sixties, I was a typical kid….oldest of five, cartoons every Saturday morning, lots of playing outside every day. Of course, Mom didn’t work and catered to our every want! I was always into sports in a big way, both as a participant and a fan. Hockey and soccer were my favourites. Smoking was vogue back then. Both my parents smoked as did all my younger brothers, but I never had an interest in even trying it. Still haven’t to this day.

As I hit my late teens, I remember being fascinated with nutrition. I would read everything and anything I could lay my hands on to do with the subject. One thing that really caught my attention were articles on the growing dangers of antibiotic resistance….how the dosages of antibiotics given to farm animals made their way into our food chain and affected our health. This led to ‘that fateful day’ in September 1980 when I announced to my roommate who had just cooked steaks for dinner, “Roy, you have just seen me eat the last piece of meat I will ever eat.” These words have remained true today.

I have been in business my entire adult life. I’ve had a varied career that has included selling copiers for Xerox, running our family wholesale distribution company, managing a boat manufacturing plant, general manager of property management companies, and various consulting assignments.

My wife Debra and I have been married for over 31 years. We have three awesome adult children. I love gardening, all things Italian, football (soccer, that is!), cycling, GST, reading & personal development.