Anti-aging and clues to a long, healthy life


Commit to becoming a lifelong devotee to a lifestyle that promotes longevity.

Commit to the habits that lead down the road to anti-aging.

Commit to continuous learning about what serves you and what doesn’t.

Or life will commit you to live too short or die too long.

The Measure of an Anti-Aging Man Part II

In Part I, The Annual and Body Composition were the two measurement categories. Here are two more easy-to-measure indicators of your body’s anti-aging performance. Basic Fitness Quality of life right up to our dying day is a quest of most. Fitness plays a key role in that level of quality. Use it or lose it. And too…Continue Reading

The Measure of an Anti-Aging Man Part I

“What’s measured improves.” – Peter Drucker As a businessman, you know that in order to realise success, you need to monitor and measure the critical elements of your business. The metrics may vary from company to company and industry to industry… but measure you must to survive and continually improve in today’s business climate. Your…Continue Reading